Oregon Fine Art Gallery Luxury Home Decor Artwork



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The majestic Oregon Coast never ceases to disappoint. On this overcast day, a weather system was moving inland off the ocean, bands of rain showers were sweeping the coast. I was drawn to this particular duo of sea stacks for their angular slopes and narrowing tops. Divorced from any nearby land, they appeared to look like towers jutting out from the ocean.


I waited patiently for hours, for a break in the rain and for just the right tide level to complete the vision I had in mind, rendering this dreamy, moody, mystic feel.


FINE Art Limited Edition 200

About the Artwork

My works are offered in only one ultra luxury finish, a proprietary face mount acrylic process, pioneered and handcrafted in the USA.

The substrate is encapsulated between an acrylic panel and a protective backing. The acrylic layer prevents UV rays and other airborne pollutants from affecting the media. The rear of the media is mounted on a protective backing creating a sealed capsule for the image. The encapsulated work is then mounted on a recessed frame. The recessed mount or floating frame, floats about 3/4” off the wall and provides a clean, modern, minimalistic look.

If your preference is for a framed piece, I offer Italian hand made Roma frames in either Cigar Leaf or Dark Ash finish with your choice of black or white linen liner.

Custom framing options are also available. For more information, please click on the “Contact” button below and kindly fill out the form.



Luxury Home Decor Italian Roma Dark Ash


Luxury Home Decor Italian Roma Cigar Leaf