Perfect for bringing the beauty of nature into your living space. Select works in my galleries are available for purchase as Limited Edition Luxury Fine Art Pieces. The artwork is created using the most current industry leading processes available. The substrate is unrivaled in depth and luminosity, ensuring saturated colors, deep blacks and high dynamic range. The medium refracts light, creating a backlit effect which the visual results of are truly stunning. The archival properties of the media is rated at well over +100 years, ensuring your timeless purchase will provide enjoyment for generations to come.

Using a proprietary face mount acrylic process, the substrate is encapsulated between an acrylic panel and a protective backing. The acrylic layer prevents UV rays and other airborne pollutants from affecting the media. The rear of the media is mounted on a protective backing creating a sealed capsule for the image. The encapsulated work is then mounted on a recessed frame. The recessed mount or floating frame, floats about 3/4” off the wall and provides a clean, modern, minimalistic look. If your preference is for a framed piece, I offer hand made Italian frames in various finishes with your choice of linen liner. This is the most advanced photography art display medium available today and matches or surpasses anything currently seen in museums and galleries around the world. 

The price of each piece increases as the edition sells out. After the last piece of a series is issued, no further copies will ever be made. Once an order is placed, please allow 6-7 weeks for production and delivery. The artwork ships in a wooden package and is insured. For collector inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. 

If you are curious to see how the artwork would look in your home, business or office space – to gage sizing options and whether it matches your interior decorum. I offer free mock-ups of the piece matched to your living space at no charge. Please fill out the contact information with the title of the artwork you are interested in.