Bring the beauty of the ocean home. The Oregon Coast luxury collection from fine art photographer Michael Andrejkow. Michael has spent a lifetime exploring this wonder of the natural world. From its beginning at the northern reaches of the Coastal Redwoods running all the way to the delta of the mighty Columbia River. The majestic Oregon Coast stretches over 300 miles along some of the most magnificent scenery in the contiguous United States. Temperate rain forests, miles of secluded beaches, secret coves and wind swept headlands. The Oregon Coast is a beach combers and dreamer’s paradise. Now you can bring it home with you.

Located between the state of Washington to the north, Idaho to the east and California to the south, the state is bordered in its entirety to the west by the Pacific ocean. The Pacific ocean, the largest body of water in the world, exerts a heavy influence on the state’s weather and climate. Rainy and shrouded in cloud cover during the winter months, with summers being cool and sunny with many foggy days, the Oregon Coast’s climate is best described as Summer Mediterranean. Due to weather patterns being influenced by the ocean, the weather forecast is always changing. It is not uncommon to experience heavy downpours with strong winds or calm and sunny conditions in a single day.


The topography of the Oregon Coast as well as the rest of the state has been shaped by powerful geological forces. Located on the Ring ofFire, Oregon state sits in a subduction zone and juncture where two massive continental tectonic plates meet. The meeting of the Pacific, Juan de Fuca and the North American plate runs the entirety of the states length about 90 miles offshore. To the tune of 3-4 inches per year, the Juan de Fuca plate is slowly being subducted underneath the North American Plate. These massive slow motion forces over geological time have created the spectacular Cascade mountain range along with Oregon’s famous conical shaped volcanoes. Mount Hood located east of Portland, Mount Jefferson, the Three Sisters in the Willamette wilderness and Mount Mazama. Following a stupendous eruption over 7,000 years ago, Mount Mazama is commonly know today as Crater Lake.


The Oregon Coast, shaped by these titanic geological forces and influenced by the world’s greatest ocean, is a treasure of the natural world. None of this is more apparent than the beautiful lush greenery found throughout the coastal areas of the state. Where as to the east of the Cascades, the climate is arid and desert like. The coastal portion is home to wonderful tracts of temperate rain forests, lush green vegetation of all sorts. Sword ferns blanket the forest floors in many areas, with lichens lining the tree trunks and various mosses hanging from the branches giving the forests an ethereal mood. Furthest south, there are even a few giant coastal Redwood groves, some of the tallest and largest trees on earth.


Now you can bring part of this beauty and splendor home. Perfect for decorating your home, business of office space with fine art photography. The international award winning works offered from the Oregon Coast fine art gallery below are some of Michael’s best and are made available in a limited edition, luxury fine art, face mount acrylic finish. Large format artwork starting at 36 inches in width.

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